Top 6 exciting benefits of CBD oil

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It seems that you can’t listen to Spotify, talk to your neighbor, or visit your pharmacy without hearing about CBD oil. Each CBD conversation also comes with its own set of claims about what CBD delivers. But with all the messages out there, what’s real and what’s hype? What are the benefits of CBD oil? Can CBD help runners? Is it safe for your grandma? What about helping with inflammation, pain, or anxiety?

Let’s dive into the basics and highlight the most common uses and benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. Then, you can move forward, making the best decision for you and your family.

First, what is CBD? 

Starting with the basics – CBD is one of the most well-known cannabinoids out there, and it is primarily derived from the hemp plant. So, most CBD oil sold commercially is hemp-derived, so it has no ‘mind-altering’ effects. Great! 

What are the top benefits of CBD oil? 

So, what do people use CBD oil for? What should you expect? Let’s dive into some of the primary benefits many have experienced using CBD. 

  1. Managing stress – Any doctor will tell you that prolonged stress can have negative physical and mental impacts. Chronic stress makes the heart work harder, and it can negatively impact our emotions, behaviors, and mental state. Luckily CBD has helped many individuals better manage their stress and anxiety levels. For all ages, individuals have found many benefits in taking CBD to control stress, promote wellness, and regain focus and control. 
  2. Fighting inflammation – We all know that inflammation is part of the body’s natural healing process. However, inflammation unchecked can also trigger a negative response and turn our own immune system cells against us, causing even bigger problems. Luckily, many individuals experience relief from CBD. By controlling inflammation people report significant health improvements. So whether you’re strength training and want faster recovery times, or you have arthritis or nerve issues, reducing inflammation is a key to vitality and wellness. 
  3. Promoting healthy sleep – Many people struggle with getting enough high-quality sleep – but they don’t have to. Scientists and individuals have discovered the therapeutic effects of using CBD to promote better sleep. Many people believe CBD oils can help put the mind at ease and relax the body, ultimately supporting quality rest, which is a major contributor to overall health and well-being. 
  4. Helping pets be their best – Our ‘fur families’ are so incredibly important. Our animals and pets can make us laugh, sometimes cry, but they’re always there for us – no matter what. That’s why many are turning to pet-friendly CBD products to help our fur friends be at their best. Many individuals have reported that their animals have more energy and that they’re happier and healthier using CBD oil – from healthy hips and joints, lower levels of anxiety, to easing pain. 
  5. Better focus – Do you ever just need to clear your mind of clutter to finish a project or go the extra mile? Many fans of CBD have shared that they can zero in on tasks as needed and that they have higher mental clarity when they use the right CBD treatments. 
  6. Antibacterial – Today, more than ever, we know that antibacterial treatments are a critical component of maintaining our health. Scientists are studying the possible antibacterial qualities of specific cannabinoids, which are effective against many clinical strains of bacteria. One cannabinoid called cannabigerol (CBG) is even showing its effectiveness at treating a resilient form of bacteria known as MRSA (Science Daily).

CBD goes mainstream 

For thousands of years, people have been using hemp plants and cannabinoids as medicine. Witha wide variety of potential benefits, we’re now seeing hemp-derived CBD oil thrust into the mainstream – scoring points with people and pets of all ages, shapes, and sizes. With a wide variety of benefits, it’s easy to see why it’s a win-win for pretty much everyone. 

CBD Health Collection provides high-quality, lab-tested CBD products for customers. Visit our online store to find the tinctures, salves, and patches that can help provide a happier, healthier, less stressful life.

4 thoughts on “Top 6 exciting benefits of CBD oil

  1. John Ferguson says:

    I used CBD products for over a year with great results. I have had abdominal / colon surgery and cannabis products did wonders for controlling my symptoms of inflammation, nausea, and overall feeling of well-being. The topical applications also helped relieve muscle pain and spasms. The oral treatments helped reduce anxiety and promoted better quality sleep. Unfortunately, I am now on probation and the officers will not allow me to consume CBD products because they cause positive urine test results for marijuana? I am not a marijuana user. Is there any advice you may provide to assist me with being able to use CBD in spite of my situation with the law? I am 57 yrs old and suffer from arthritis, nausea, and abdominal pain and cramping which all impact my life greatly. I stopped using g CBD and now am not able to focus on my work and miss many days of work due to the flare up of my symptoms since I have ceased using CBD products — help!

    • CBD Health Collection says:

      Hi John! It is great to hear that you have had success with CBD in the past! It depends what exactly is being tested for in the drug test, however some CBD products include trace amounts of THC (CBD oil can contain THC levels up to 0.3% by law) which can show up on drug screenings, depending on the test. If Cannabidiol is not being screened for in your drug test, you can look for THC free CBD products. Always remember to look for CBD products that have a corresponding lab report so you can be assured that the product is indeed THC free. Our Pharma Grade CBD Oil is pure Cannabidiol, great for users who are allowed to have Cannabidiol but no THC.

  2. homegrownreleaf says:

    Great Article! The tips you have mentioned in this article for CBD Oil is really helpful for those people who are looking for CBD oils. Thanks for sharing valuable information

  3. Afton Jackson says:

    My friend Justin has told me a lot of things about this new substance that’s been changing his life and I want to know more about it. I was interested when you stated that CBD oils can help promote healthy sleep because a lot of us in the family have been experiencing loss of sleep for various reasons like work stress and we were looking for a good way to solve this. I’ll be sure to refer my family members to this article so we know what to look for when shopping for CBD products. Thank you!

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