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CBD Health Collection promises CBD that is pure and clean. Our product is organically grown, uses clean CO2 CBD extraction, and is processed chemical-free in the USA into a water-based solution that optimizes bioavailability. It is naturally better for you and that’s important for people who care about what goes into their body.


Our CBD is specifically formulated to maintain healthy inflammation levels and to promote relaxation. Available as full-spectrum CBD or THC-Free Broad-Spectrum CBD as oils, gummies, and topicals. All are available online here and always shipped free throughout the continental United States.

T. Lynn
T. Lynn
I’ve been using the CBD gummies for hot flashes for a couple of years and this company has great products, reasonable prices and the best customer service EVER! I highly recommend them!
Brittany Harris
Brittany Harris
I love so many products in the CBD Health Collection line, their products have been so effective for my family. We use almost everything in the line, we are so pleased at the quality ingredients. The CBD oil is great and they even have some for my dog, it has helped tremendously and his oncologist believes the CBD oil has helped him beat his Cancer. He said he's never really seen anything like it! I highly recommend this brand to everyone!
Kathy Schmelzer
Kathy Schmelzer
I have had tennis elbow for over a month and the pain was awful. I bought the roll on freeze gel and immediately applied and within 10-15 mins the pain was gone. I call it a miracle cure! Thank you CBD Heath Collection!
Dean Schiller
Dean Schiller
I have an extreme arthritic knee from an ACL reconstruction. If I overuse it, it becomes very painful. When I apply the Soothing Freeze Gel, it immediately eliminates the pain so that I can sleep and my knee can heal overnight. In addition, I do not have to compensate using my other joints more than normal. The gel will not heal my injury, but it will prolong the need for knee replacement surgery. The staff at CBD Health Collection have been beyond helpful. Thank you for your assistance and your products!
Judith Radley
Judith Radley
Great product. No bitter after taste. Will give a bottle to a relative who has painful joints from arthritis. Thank you.
Deacon Dave
Deacon Dave
Thank goodness for this group in Granville! At first I was skeptical about the whole CBD craze, thinking it was just a way to legally capitalize on the stripped down parts of the cannabis plant, but after 2 days of breaking up ice and shoveling snow I woke up this morning and my hands couldn't grip, my thumbs hurt so bad, and my shoulder pain was so acute, that my head was pounding and my outlook was horrible, so instead of taking Aleve or Ibuprofen, I opened the samples I was given of their CBD warming sauve, and coated my swollen hands. Immediately, I applied the CBD Freeze Gel sample on my shoulders, neck and forehead with the convenient roll-on bottle. Suddenly realizing I had been applying their products effortlessly, when 10 min before I couldn't hold a coffee mug! It was like my hands had been lanced, and all that pressure and poison was released; they didn't feel tight and restricted anymore. I'm walking there now to tell them my story and purchase more! Now I can enjoy this beautiful sunny day, thanks to my new friends at the CBD Health Collection!
Frank Morelli
Frank Morelli
Rick and his entire staff at CBD Health Collection are outstanding!!! The products are excellent and Rick takes the time to explain the benefits of each product and how they can help you. I love the CBD Freeze Gel, Warming Salve, Gummies and Full Spectrum Tincture as well. I enjoy stopping by the office every time I'm in town!!
Bret Adams
Bret Adams
I am huge believer in CBD and these folks could not be more knowledgeable and helpful in understanding the product and its benefits.
Eda Kovacs
Eda Kovacs
Best place to get your cbd needs. Great variety of products fast and free shipping and save if you subscribe. Excellent customer service they really work with you and your needs. The products are legit not those fake cbd stuff. You can even check the lab report. Highly recommend it
Nancy Welu
Nancy Welu
The CBD pain tincture has made my life so much better and I rarely have to take over the counter pain meds anymore.
non gmo
Made in USA
pesticide free
lab tested
gluten free
organic grown

Premium CBD Health Products For Your Lifestyle

Our CBD products are formulated under the guidance of Dr. Eric Serrano, our Medical Director. Our collection of all-natural CBD health products is the best way to improve your performance and recovery.

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of ailments. A leading reason for this: CBD products may improve overall wellness for a variety of causes. Research is continually pouring into studying the potential health benefits of CBD products. It’s an exciting development we’re proud to help bring to the masses.

We sell both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products. Broad-spectrum CBD products contain NO THC. Full-spectrum CBD products contain up to 0.3% THC.

What Do We Do Differently?

We ensure that all our CBD health products are checked thoroughly for quality control. We thoroughly check hemp seeds before using them. Next, we do a full QC check during the extraction and manufacturing of all our CBD products including gummies, soft gels, CBD oils, and topicals.

We offer CBD products for joint recovery as well as for sleep improvement. We know you’ll enjoy the benefits of our full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products.

While CBD products are becoming popular, many brands simply don’t offer the best quality. That’s where we come in. We are here to provide quality CBD products that are tested before they reach your doorstep.

Quality Products

Our priority is to offer YOU the finest quality CBD products. You’ll find the lab reports on our product page. ALL our CBD products are tested by third-party laboratories.

CBD for Sleep

CBD Health Collection offers multiple options for our CBD sleep products. Our CBD soft gels include herbal ingredients such as chamomile and valerian root. These are great for falling asleep. Our CBD gummies also help with experiencing a deep and healthier sleeping routine. They’re available in the following sizes: 10mg (gummies) and 25mg (gummies and softgels).

CBD gummies come in a variety of flavors. However, they are free of artificial sweeteners, coloring, and flavoring. Softgels can be swallowed easily and are free of THC.

CBD for Joints

CBD products are also great for joint health. Our CBD products are intended for post-workout joint relief. They’ll provide relief from joint inflammation and help with mobility. Our joint line includes CBD oil, gummies, warming salves, and freezing gels.

CBD oil is available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum versions. Gummies come in 10mg and 25mg varieties. These come in many flavors but without artificial additions. Warming salves helps with improving your overall well-being while freezing gels offer cold therapy pain relief.


ISOEdge is a tasteless drink mix that contains 25mg of CBD. It also has a mixture of 1000mcg of Vitamin B12. We recommend mixing ISOEdge into your favorite, preferred beverage.

This is a great solution to help you relax. It’s also great for focusing and improving concentration.

CBD for Pets

Our CBD products aren’t just for humans, they’ve also been used to help pets. We sell CBD oil to dogs as well as CBD dog treats. These treats are great for helping dogs improve their well-being and also for improving their overall mobility.

CBD treats also reduce stress and anxiety in pets. They use ingredients such as L-Theanine and Chamomile. They also have a mix of CBD oil and hemp seed powder.

Order Online

You can make a one-time purchase or pay for a subscription to get additional savings on all our CBD products. Any questions? Reach out to us at 614-507-8016.


Trusted by the best. Elite athletes and medical professionals know a great thing when they use it.


We believe in quality CBD products, our manufacturing facility holds the following certifications.

Every step from plant to final product is important – our hemp is grown in the USA and each farmer uses our seeds, our extraction process uses CO2 to remove the CBD oil from the plant, and then formulated into the final product. Each step is done with the highest attention to quality to produce the cleanest, and most effective CBD product

CBD Products Certifications
CBD for Joints

We offer unique, custom terpene blends in our products specifically formulated to maintain optimal health, normal healthy inflammatory levels, and to promote relaxation. To learn more about terpenes and their potential health benefits, visit our learning center.



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