Ready to hit the golf course? Don’t forget this must-have item for your golf bag.

As stay-at-home orders begin relaxing across the country, there are many reasons to be hopeful. Many of the hardest-hit places like New York and San Francisco seem to be getting a handle on the virus. Plus, businesses are slowly and cautiously opening back up to get the economy moving again. Another bright spot? It looks like we’ll soon be getting back to some of our favorite spring and summertime activities. Golfers, in particular, may have a big reason to smile.

Golf right now? A pretty safe bet  

Golf Digest recently looked at the potential risks that come along with playing golf in the COVID-19 era. What about picking up the flagstick? Reaching into the hole to grab your ball? Or taking a couple of swings in the sand trap? In the article, the authors talked with multiple infectious disease experts who studied potential coronavirus risks, ultimately concluding that golf ranks as one of the ‘safest sports’ in our current climate.

Getting back out there? CBD can help

Doctors point out that as long as golfers consistently follow the ‘six-foot distancing rule,’ they avoid touching their faces, and players wash their hands at least with hand sanitizer – keeping hazards on the course to a minimum is achievable. Another bright spot is how golfers are treating their common injuries – it’s a natural cannabinoid compound that’s derived from the hemp plant, commonly known as CBD.

Natural superpowers for treating pain and inflammation

Today, there’s a much greater understanding of how CBD works within the body, as well as the potential therapeutic benefits. A growing number of golfers report that CBD helps alleviate pain and it reduces inflammation before, during, and after playing around or hitting the driving range. So, what are the most common golf injuries that CBD can help treat? Read on.

  1. Pain in the Wrist – Pain, and tenderness in the wrist are common symptoms for golfers. Even a proper grip and good mechanics can lead to wrist injuries overtime.
  2. Tendinitis in the elbows – Irritation and inflammation of the tendons surrounding the elbows are some of the most common conditions affecting golfers. Often referred to as ‘tennis elbow,’ this condition is also prevalent for golfers because the outer tendon is taxed when swinging a golf club.
  3. Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries – A poorly executed golf swing, overuse, or an acute injury like hitting a root or the ground with a club can lead to rotator cuff damage, which impairs movement at the shoulder.
  4. Knee and back pain – Knee and back pain are a problem for golfers because these areas are often extended or strained during a golf swing. There’s also a twisting motion, which causes additional pressure on these parts of the body.
  5. Overexposure to the sun – Golf is excellent exercise, but without proper protection from the sun, players can get unhealthy amounts of UV exposure in a single round. Not to mention, consistent exposure from frequent playing.
  6. Improving focus – Golf is much more than a physical game – it requires skill and focus to maintain proper form.  

How should you take it? 

When it comes to CBD oil, deciding on the form of the product to take usually comes down to preference. For convenience, many prefer CBD oil in the form of a tincture, using a dropper of the extract on a daily basis. For those that don’t like absorbing CBD oil under the tongue, other options are gummies, gel capsules, or even patches. Topical products like salves or creams that can be rubbed onto the skin are a convenient way to get CBD quickly into the areas where golfers feel pain the most – elbows, knees, wrists, or back.

Get out there!

As things start getting back to our ‘new normal’ golf is a great way to beat cabin fever and safely exercise, but it does come with its fair share of injuries. If you’re ready to get back outside and you want to play more golf without hurting, now is a great time to try all-natural, hemp-derived CBD.

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