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Which CBD Gummies are best for sleep?

September 22, 2022|

There are gummies for everything, seemingly everywhere, including CBD gummies for sleep. But which ones work best? And what’s the right dosage? Keep reading to find out!  CBD is well known for its relaxing properties, which makes this product a perfect choice for those looking for a natural way to improve their sleep quality. However, with so many different CBD gummy products on the market, [...]

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Will CBD make me tired? 

September 20, 2022|

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound in the hemp plant that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Known for having positive health effects without the mind-altering psychoactive effect that is associated with THC. Therefore not associated with the "high" that is often associated with cannabis use. CBD is a popular choice for millions of Americans. CBD is a chemical compound [...]

  • What Are Terpenes | CBD Health Collection

What Are Terpenes?

August 5, 2022|

Terpenes are chemical substances that occur naturally in plants and some animals. They are in charge of the flavors, scents, and even colors associated with different species of vegetation. Terpenes distinguish certain cannabis strains from others in terms of taste and smell. They can also be converted into useful goods such as cleaning solvents, insecticides, and dyes. Some have even been shown to have medicinal [...]

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How To Talk To Your Doctor About CBD

November 16, 2020|

As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread, an increasing number of consumers are contemplating cannabis products and wondering how to approach their doctor about CBD oil. Early study suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) can be advantageous to a healthy lifestyle when used as a supplement. It may even be a potentially viable alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals for various conditions. However, for various reasons, speaking with your doctor [...]

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What Are Cannabinoids?

November 10, 2020|

The term cannabinoid refers to any chemical molecule that interacts with the brain’s and body's chemical receptors. There are many different types of substances that can bind to these receptors. Some have natural origins, while others are produced in a laboratory. Laboratory-produced CBD has similar effects on the body to those produced by the cannabis or hemp plant.  However, many people are opting to choose [...]

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What Are the Benefits of CBD Patches?

November 3, 2020|

CBD patches and the technology that goes into their creation have been around for quite some time. Despite the fact that CBD patches are a new product on the market, the methodology used to create them is well acknowledged. The notion of CBD patches is similar to that of birth control and nicotine patches. There are a few subtle modifications that help CBD patches deliver [...]