The term cannabinoid refers to any chemical molecule that interacts with the brain’s and body’s chemical receptors. There are many different types of substances that can bind to these receptors. Some have natural origins, while others are produced in a laboratory.

Laboratory-produced CBD has similar effects on the body to those produced by the cannabis or hemp plant.  However, many people are opting to choose a more natural route and avoid those produced in a lab, which is why more and more people are looking into Cannabinoid or CBD products.

Where does CBD Come From?

The cannabis plant is the most well-known plant that contains cannabinoids. However, it also contains around 300 non-cannabinoid compounds too! Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol are two of the most well-known cannabinoids (CBD).    But, there have been over 100 cannabinoids identified in total.  These substances have been identified as things that can help people with various alignments.  While the Cannabis plant is one of the most well-known, CBD can also be found in hemp plants.

THC vs. CBD: What Are the Differences?

Contrary to popular belief, there are significant differences between THC and CBD. Despite the fact that they are both cannabinoids, they affect different receptors in the brain. THC and CBD have very similar molecular structures. However, they are arranged somewhat differently. These subtle differences in layout determine how they interact with the body and mind.

As a result, CBD does not often have psychoactive effects, which means it will not make you high if you consume it. Although CBD may be extracted from both the hemp and marijuana plants, it is most commonly extracted from the hemp plant. The reason for this is that most CBD users do not want to get high. Because hemp contains just negligible amounts of THC, most people prefer to get their CBD from this plant.

Cannabinoids and How They Are Used

Most cannabinoids, whether they contain THC or only CBD, are consumed, vaporized, or smoked. However, skin patches are becoming quickly popular as an option too. Cannabinoids can be found in a wide variety of items. Chocolates, oils, gummies, candies, and sprays, candies are among the more popular goods. However, lotions and other skin care products have grown in popularity in recent years.

You should do your research and speak with your doctor if you believe that CBD would be beneficial to you.   You should do your research and determine what you believe on your own before seeking your doctor.  When speaking to your doctor about your illness and the possibility of using CBD, have the facts.  Not all doctors are educated on CBD and understand its effects on various alignments.  Always seek advice from a healthcare professional that has knowledge about CBD and THC if you are looking at treatments using them.  Remember, you can also always seek a second opinion should your doctor continue to push you into manmade pharmaceuticals. Many people seeking treatments using CBD or THC do so due to it being an all-natural substance.

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