Although many people are personally using CBD for its natural health and wellness benefits, some still have questions about using it for their fur family members. If you have been considering the possibility of using CBD for your dog or cat and would like to know more about whether it is right for your pet, here are 5 key points that might help facilitate your decision.

Key Point #1: Is CBD Beneficial For Pets And Do Veterinarians Agree?

A 2018 online survey of VIN (Veterinary Information Network-an online veterinary community) evaluated veterinarians’ views regarding CBD hemp products for dogs, and various perceptions were revealed. Questions were asked on a number of areas of hemp and CBD for pets, such as: side effects, legal status, suggestion of usage to clients, experience and knowledge of CBD products for dogs along with other survey questions.

The take away with respect to beneficial use in this survey was, of the 2,130 survey veterinarian participants, when posed with the question of support for medicinal uses of hemp/CBD products for dogs from a medical standpoint:

82.2% approved or strongly approved

13.2% neutral

3.7% disapprove or strongly disapprove

Many clinical trials are ongoing and most veterinarians agree that further research is both needed and welcomed for a greater understanding of the potential medicinal benefits of hemp CBD for dogs and other pets.

Key Point #2: CBD And Your Pet’s Endocannabinoid System

Just like humans, dogs, cats and all vertebrate animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which functions, in basic terms, in the same way. It is believed the direct and indirect interaction of CBD with this vast biological regulatory system, the ECS, which provides the benefits of enhancing the biological processes that include: immune, anxiety and pain response, sleep, mood and memory.

Key Point #3: CBD May Help Keep Dogs And Cats Stress Free

Many pets experience anxiety and exhibit stressful behaviors, like chewing up shoes and furniture, excessive barking, urinating and defecating in the house, shredding toilet paper and other forms of ‘acting out’. Many pet parents have found that dosing CBD for pets at home can help by keeping them in their natural relaxed state, therefore avoiding stress and anxiety.

Key Point #4: CBD To Help Your Pet With Pain And Inflammation

Many conditions such as arthritis, joint pain and mobility as well as digestive issues in pets can be the result of uncontrolled inflammation. CBD pet tinctures may help to maintain healthy, pain free mobility in joints. Custom CBD pet tincture formulas that are developed specifically for your pet’s wellness needs, delivered with a tasty bacon flavor, can provide both short and long term mobility support for your fur friend.

Key Point #5: How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

Most CBD products for pets include a recommended dosage. The best rule of dosing CBD for both pets and humans is to start low and go slow. Ideal dosing is dependent on the concentration of the CBD product and the weight of your pet. Some veterinarians recommend a range of

0.05mg to 0.25mg per pound of bodyweight, administered twice daily and to observe the results over a week and adjust as needed. If you have any questions about dosage, please consult your veterinarian.

For easy administration of CBD for pets, tinctures can be added to food or they may be given a natural dog treat. CBD can be a part of your pet’s daily health regimen to promote health, wellness and vitality.

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