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Get relief from knee and back pain with pure CBD pain patches

$29.95 or $23.96 / month
$29.95 or $23.96 / month

Injuries or everyday aches and pains can keep us from being social and doing the activities we love - tennis, running, golf, gardening, going on walks, and much more. Luckily, pure CBD pain patches can help ease these pains and get us active again. These topical patches for pain provide quite a few advantages over forms of CBD products like, tinctures, edibles, gummies, and capsules.

Why topical patches for pain?

First off, transdermal patches means CBD is absorbed through the skin so they are perfect for targeting joints and muscle groups that are prone to injury from overuse. Typical areas treated are elbows, backs, knees, ankles, and legs. If you’re shopping for topical patches for pain, look for CBD products that only have the highest-quality ingredients and those that are 3rd party tested and organically grown. With high-quality pure CBD pain patches, you can expect:

  • Fast acting relief can target specific areas
  • Up to 8 to 12 hours of relief
  • Pure CBD pain patches also have a much higher absorption rate

Effective delivery takes the guesswork out of dosing

Topical patches for pain deliver CBD through the skin and straight to the areas that need relief. This transdermal delivery method bypasses the digestive system and brings the CBD into the endocannabinoid system (ECS) very quickly with minimal loss of the natural pain-relieving compounds along the way. And unlike inhaling or ingesting, where effects peak rapidly peak, pure CBD pain patches deliver consistent dosing, releasing cannabinoids into the body steadily over time. In addition to consistent CBD delivery, the highest quality CBD products combine other natural compounds. At CBD Health Collection, our topical patches for pain combine CBD with lidocaine and menthol for maximum efficacy.

  • Consider a knee pain relief patch - If you’ve ever experienced knee pain you know how important immediate relief is. It’s important to remember that a knee pain relief patch is an effective way to deliver CBD at a controlled rate and many users report these patches produce a variety of therapeutic effects, such as reduced inflammation and improved blood flow.
  • Pure topical patches for pain in the back - A study by Georgetown concludes that nearly 65 million Americans have had a recent episode of back pain and some 16 million adults experience chronic back pain. Luckily, many patients experience significant relief from back pain using pure CBD pain patches, such as reducing pain and improving mobility. In addition to using topical patches for pain on the back, other common treatment areas include the inside of wrists, the biceps (inside or outside), shoulders, or the back of the neck.